Those who can remember their reincarnation may also recall something they brought with them by way of knowledge. In my case it was a language that was far different to that spoken in my environment either at home or in the society in which we lived. Kids of very young age can perform with unbelievable talent even before many of them can speak properly. Mozart, for instance, composed three wonderful pieces of music at the age of four. Other children pick up paint brushes and have a natural gift to paint, draw, do maths, remember things that even their parents have trouble with and even outperform the best adults in their field by some very young age.

Today we have many who have no problems talking about their reincarnation because we are in a time when the population is outgrowing the planet. We have had numerous wars and conflicts in which people have been suddenly killed at a very young age. Their spirit may live on and return even to the same family.

Case studies by Dr. Ian Stevenson conducted over forty years proved beyond doubt that people do reincarnate but, as he stated in his lectures, not everyone does. In fact from my observations and knowledge there are very few who have knowingly had the experience.

My spirituality and links to the Spirit of the Universe has driven me to research the nature of human thinking and why the mention of a return to life turns people off. When starting out on this course the warning signs were there because even members of my own family could not cope with the admissions coming from me. That is the barrier that stands between the reality of what returnees face and the rest of the world that lives in darkness governed by religious principles.


Source by Norma Holt