In this article I will explain to you how to grow taller by doing something as simple as hanging. Hanging is basically the process of hanging your body upside down to decompress your body and increase your overall height. Hanging is also known as inversion and when you hang up ide down it is called inverting. Inverting has become very popular over the years for helping people grow taller and to help decompress ones body. When you hang or invert your spine will start to elongate and straighten. Your spine has fluid in them which decreases during the day as gravity pulls down on your body. Gravity throughout the day will pull down on you and cause you to lose a half inch to as much as a full inch of your natural height. When you invert you will replenish the fluid that your spine has lost and you will gain your height back. Not only will this help you keep your height stable, if you invert regularly you will be able to grow taller and increase your height.

Another way that inversion will help you to increase your height is by straightening yous spine and body which will fix your posture. Not many people know that because of their bad posture habits they may be shorter than they really are. Just by fixing your posture you can increase your height by an inch or more. Inverting will give your body a great full body stretch and you will start to see results quickly.

There are two most common ways in which you can get started inverting. People used to invert by using a bar and gravity boots. Gravity boots are special boots that have hooks on them that connect to the bar and allow the person to hang. This method of hanging is hard to do and has been phased out with the introduction of inversion tables.

Hanging from a bar and using clunky gravity boots is a thing of the past. The best and easiest way to invert is by using an inversion table. There are many places you can buy an inversion table and you can get a high quality one for around three hundred dollars. If you want to invert to increase your height and grow it is best to invert twice a day, once in the morning and once before bed for best results. Try it for just a few minutes and build up your hanging stamina until you can hang for fifteen minutes at a time. Inversion is a great option to add to your height increasing program.


Source by Daniel Foste