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Benefits of Noni Juice


Noni is a well-recognized fruit which has gained high prominence owing to its anti-inflammatory as well as antioxidant properties. Noni juice has been effective in the treatment of different diseases. Here are some benefits of consuming this juice on a regular basis:

Consists of antioxidants in adequate amount

Food comprising of antioxidants are considered to be great as they aid in the prevention of diseases that cause cell damage. Most common antioxidants are inclusive of anthocyanins, flavonoids, catechins, lipoic acid, vitamin E and C, lycopene etc. These antioxidants play an indispensable role in the reduction of damage which is caused owing to oxidative stress. In accordance with researchers, oxidative stress is the root cause of several diseases such as cardiovascular ailments, cancer, etc.

Aids in fighting pain that is associated with tumors

Grapeseed extract, isoflavones, ginkgo Biloba are considered to be food that fights cancer. The anticancer properties of anthraquinones make this fruit highly beneficial. Researchers reveal that there are several compounds that help in the reduction of fatigue and pain which is associated with cancer.

Increases the immunity of the body and combats inflammation

In accordance with a research which was published in Journal of Natural Products, iridoid glycoside and new ascorbic acid derivative were studied in fermented noni ras. The study revealed detoxification benefits owing to the enzymes which come to be known as quinone reductase. This is known to show amazing anti-inflammatory traits that make noni ras a strong inflammatory food. These traits are helpful in reducing the negative effects of arthritis. You will be successful in conferring the prerequisite nutrients to the body with the addition of nonjuice in the diet. These nutrients are indispensable in the elimination of inflammation in the body. Amino acids present in noni juice is useful in boosting the immune system of the body. Noni comprises of amino acids that keep the body strong.

Aids in the reduction of cholesterol

In a recent study, it has been revealed that noni juice is effective in lowering the level of bad cholesterol from the body. People consuming this juice suffer from lesser inflammation. It is known to all that smoking is one of the major causes of cardiovascular diseases. It increases triglycerides, lowering the level of good cholesterol. Apart from reducing the level of cholesterol in blood, noni also helps to quit smoking.

Confers cellular repair

Noni juice is considered to be perfect for cellular repair. It comprises of alkaloids which aid in the maintenance of healthy balance in the body. Studies reveal that the body produce xeronine, an alkaloid that activates enzymes which are considered to be must have for your body. Noni juice consists of xeronine in a small amount. In addition to that, it comprises of prexeronine. a special colloid that helps in releasing xeronine in the intestinal tract. This raises the cellular function in a significant manner.

Prevents parasitic disease

Noni ras plays an integral role in the prevention of parasitic diseases. Noni comprises of a rich chemical composition that fights parasites with aromatic and phenolic compounds.


Source by Samaria Thomas

How Does Spider Vein Removal Work?


Spider vein removal may be an option for you. If you hate those thin lines that seem to pop up all over your legs, it may be time to talk to a specialist for treatment. These veins often run throughout the legs and sometimes into other areas of the body. They look like thin red lines though some may look purple or blue in color. Some are very thin while others may be large and bulging. In all cases, you should have them checked out to ensure they are not a problem you will need to worry about health-wise. The good news is there are ways to treat this condition.

Is It Serious?

Depending on the type of problem you have, this may be something that affects your health. If you have large and bulging veins showing significantly on your legs, this could put you at risk for health problems related to blood clots. It is a good idea to discuss options with your doctor for improving this situation. In most cases, though, the smaller, thin lines are less of a concern. However, spider vein removal is often recommended and an option for most men and women suffering from this condition.


One of the options for improving this condition is called sclerotherapy. The doctor will inject the veins with a special solution. That solution will scar the interior of the veins. This causes them to close off. Since these are not important to maintaining the blood flow to your body, doing this does not cause a problem. Your body will reroute the blood through other veins that are healthier. The veins will then fade over a period of a few days to weeks. The body's natural cleansing process allows them to be removed.

Laser Surgery

Another option you may want to consider is the use of laser surgery. This works by sending a burst of high powered light into the vein. This causes it to fade and disappear because the veins are damaged just enough to close them off. If you do not like needles, this may be a better option for you. It can cause some complications especially if you are sensitive to the use of lasers. However, both methods can be very effective.

Spider vein removal can be effective but to be so it needs to be done by a professional. In some cases, you may need more than one treatment to get rid of the problem for good. In other cases, you will be able to go in to the office and leave with significant improvement already happening. Find out what your options are by talking to your doctor.


Source by Abigail Aaronson

What's the Difference Between Consulting and Consultative Selling?


How Do You Close a Consultative Sales Conversation?

I asked that question the other day on under the category of small business development.

I was looking for an exchange of ideas about sales skills. Unexpectedly, I heard from a number of consultants (not sales consultants) saying they would never "close" in a consultative conversation at all. Some sounded offended that I would suggest it. To them, "closing" meant proposing that a client purchase a particular brand. The implication was that a consultant stays above brand identification in order to stay independent.

I agree 100% that a consultant should stay independent. That's exactly how I would consult … recommending a particular brand only if I thought it was the best solution, and offering multiple brands if all other things were equal.

So how, then, does someone sell consultatively?

Selling consultatively resembles consulting in some regards, but ends with presenting a single brand as the best solution. (This is somewhat different from the original Consultative Selling , as coined in the early 1970's by Mack Hanan – in a book well worth reading.)

Selling consultatively, like consulting, involves diagnosing the prospect's situation to discover what his problems are, what he's already tried to do to solve the problems, what is at the root of the problems, what is holding the problems in place, etc. It's using skilled and intelligent influence to help the prospect view his situation through new eyes. It's asking the right questions at the right time to move the thought process forward to new insights and inspiration.

Not Selling Consultatively

Selling consultatively does not mean merely "educating" or "giving the prospect information so the prospect can make an informed decision," or "finding out what the prospect needs so you can pitch your solution using their words." Good consultative sales DOES all these things, but usually much later in the sales conversation than most salespeople think.

Openhanded Selling

Think of the sale as an hourglass. While the sand is at the top of the hourglass, be a consultant. Spend enough time exploring their situation so that they've fully developed the problem and told you how and why the problem exists. Understand the flow of the conversation so you can ask questions that help them think about their problem from your expert perspective. Notice how this process dissolves concerns and objections. Don't leap on opportunities to present a solution. Mentally catalog such opportunities and set them aside for now.

When the time is right, the sand has dropped to the bottom of the hourglass, and the prospect will discover that he / she wants to hear your solution. You can now present a solution that exactly fits his / her needs (if you have one), and you will have developed a lasting relationship that you can nurture for future business.

Don't Educate Your Prospect

The approach that captures the consultative sales process and intelligent influence needed to make it work is called Openhanded Selling, and one of the first principles of Openhanded Selling is this: DON'T educate your prospect. As soon as you start talking, you lose control of the conversation. Instead, deliver just enough information to keep the conversation moving forward, but confine yourself to asking questions until either you've decided together that you don't have a solution, or they're practically begging you to present. Then educate just enough to get to a close.


Source by Linda Schneider

The History of Thai Foot Massage


Thai foot massage dates back over hundreds of years, and has been one of the most effective and revered forms of massage in the Orient, and eventually all over the world. Though Thai massage can cover the entire body, the art of Thai foot massage is an art in and of itself. Thai foot massage was developed over the years by incorporating foot massage techniques from some places such as China, Japan, and Korea.

Most people who have experienced Thai foot massage can attest to its benefits. The foot is probably the most abused part of the body, but not only that, it seems to have a direct connection to every other part of the body. A good Thai foot massage not only makes your feet feel wonderful, it can promote healing and relaxation in many other parts of the body as well. In the ancient Orient, this was discovered rather early, and foot massage was used as a method of healing both the mind and the body. As a holistic treatment, those in the ancient Orient realized that foot massage could relieve stress, help promote restful sleep, increase circulation, and even help promote a better immune system. In the mental sense, it could increase alertness and improve creativity.

Thai foot massage incorporates elements of what we recognize as reflexology. The foundation of reflexology is that there are certain points on the foot that can affect other areas of the body. Thai foot massage and reflexology can extend to the ankles and legs as well. For this reason, most Thai foot masseuses will ask for a detailed medical history before beginning treatment. In this way they can determine what pressure points can be focused on more than others, and even help patients discover problems early that they may not have been aware of. Thai foot massage usually takes about an hour, and starts not with immediately focusing on pressure points, but on what the masseuse calls "opening the pathways of energy". In Thai foot massage it is believed that the massage must be done in stages, readying the subject for each successive step so that each step in turn can be most effective.

A reputable Thai foot masseuse also knows when massage can be beneficial and when it can actually be harmful. If there are any serious injuries or illnesses that the subject needs to address, the masseuse will require that they be treated by a physician before trying Thai foot massage. Though Thai foot massage can help in the healing process tremendously, it is not a substitution for medical treatment. During healing, however, and as long as a complete medical history is known, Thai foot massage can have incredible benefits, both for those what are in good health and for those who are suffering several different types of ailments.


Source by Annalisa Zisman

Acid Reflux and the Phrenic Nerve


“Doc! Since you started adjusting me I haven’t had any acid reflux!” I hear this almost every day. It’s either heartburn, acid reflux, tightness in the chest or whatever. This even happens in cases that have persisted for years.

Recently, one patient happily informed their medical doctor about the abrupt stop to 15 years of heartburn problems after starting chiropractic care, to which the family physician responded that there is no connection between the spine and acid reflux, so that’s impossible. I was surprised with that response. Perhaps the patient misunderstood the doctor, or simply the doctor wasn’t sharp on their anatomy.

The explanation is actually quite simple, and is the reason that so many people over the past century have seen this same result after chiropractic care.

As a matter of fact, here’s a quote from a paper written over 50 years ago on the topic:

“Many a patient has presented to the doctor of chiropractic in a state of desperation, having already spent thousands of dollars on cardiac and gastrointestinal testing that proved negative. Their elusive symptoms included tightness in the chest, restricted breathing, heartburn, acid reflux and a bounding pulse in the abdomen. Not only were they miserable, but frightened at the lack of a diagnosis. The chiropractor’s unique and hands- on examination found pressure, irritation and tenderness along the patient’s neck at the level of cervical vertebrae 3, 4 or 5. Following the chiropractic analysis and adjustment of the misaligned spine, the symptoms subsided, often readily.”

So what’s the connection between the neck and acid reflux disease? The phrenic nerve.

The phrenic nerve passes from the cervical spine, levels C3, C4 and C5, down through the lungs to the diaphragm. In school, the saying “C3, 4 and 5 keep the diaphragm alive!” was used to help remember the details about the phrenic nerve.

This nerve controls the diaphragm, a thick sheet of muscle that forms a floor beneath the lungs and heart. In order for food to get to your stomach, it has to pass through the diaphragm to get there.

It is commonly understood that the spine can pinch a nerve and cause a spasmed neck or back, tingling or burning arm or leg. When it pinches or irritates the phrenic nerve; the diaphragm, being a muscle, it is subject to tension and spasm. This restricts breathing, and if spasm of the diaphragm is pronounced, the opening through which food passes is altered, causing acid reflux from the stomach and possibly what is called a hiatal hernia. Likewise, the same muscle tension can close upon the aorta and vena cava, causing a throbbing heartbeat.

Asthma, heartburn, or tightness and aching under the ribs are often the result of a diaphragm under tension because of spinal pressure on the phrenic nerves.

Chiropractic is the logical first step in resolving any of these problems, or to prevent them so that one can do as the music professor instructed- “use your diaphragm!”


Source by Dr Ryan French

Is It Safe To Eat Cinnamon If You Have Acid Reflux?


Acid reflux or Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) occurs when the stomach content spills over to esophagus. Poor diet, lack of exercise, and stress can contribute to this disease. If left untreated, it can cause inflammation and scarring of the esophagus. One of the natural remedies to relieve the symptoms of acid reflux is cinnamon, one of the oldest spice in the world.

Cinnamon is safe to eat when you have acid reflux. It helps to get rid of heartburn by reducing the acidity in your stomach. This also prevents the risk of developing ulcers in the lower esophagus when the stomach acid flow back into the esophagus.

Cinnamon helps in digestion by stimulating the enzymes to break down the food faster. It also increases your metabolism. By taking it regularly, your digestive health improves. Ancient people often use it as a remedy for many kinds of stomach discomforts.

A study reveals that a teaspoon of cinnamon contains 28 milligrams of calcium. It also has one milligram each of iron, manganese, fiber, vitamins C, and K.

So, how do you take it internally? Here are five simple suggestions that you can prepare cinnamon for safe consumption.

  1. You can grind the cinnamon stick into powder. Sprinkle it over your buttered toasted bread. Chew the bread slowly and thoroughly to stimulate the production of the digestive juices in your mouth. Therefore, before swallowing, the process of digestion in the mouth already begins.
  2. Make your own honey and cinnamon beverage. Mix one teaspoon of honey with a pinch of cinnamon powder. Drink it regularly three or four minutes before meals. It helps your body to digest the food better.
  3. Add cinnamon bark oil into your cooking. It acts as a flavoring.
  4. You can use it to make tea. This is one of the popular herbal remedy for heartburn.
  5. Toast the cinnamon stick and nibble it.

Feel safe to eat cinnamon whenever you have acid reflux. Make it as a part of your daily diet. With the suggestions above, you can think of more ways to use cinnamon to prepare your meal. Imagine with just a half a teaspoon of cinnamon a day, you can be free from stomach problems, gas, and bloating. Not forgetting heartburn.


Source by Andy Lim

The Diversity of Micronations


Micronations are quite often expressions of political protest, theoretical experimentation, personal entertainment, artistic expression, or the conduct of criminal activity. Some micronations issue postage stamps, coins and medals, have flags and issue passports. The latest list of micronations reports how diverse they are, both in location, political and social alliance.

Whangamomona Republic was formed as a tourism booster in 1989, in a rural town in New Zealand. The locals had become disillusioned when the government disclosed plans to move the area’s district boundaries. A goat and a poodle are among the past-elected presidents. Visitors receive a Whangamomona passport.

In 1978 the Aeterna Lucina micronation was created, within the borders of Australia. Paul Baron Neuman is its self-proclaimed baron. Several associated businessmen were charged in 1990, with land and visa fraud.

In 1980 Aromoana was established when a small New Zealand community declared itself independent, as an objection against the building of an aluminum smelter on nearby land.

In 1981 Atlantium was declared a global sovereignty group based in Australia, founded by George Francis Cruishank.

Established 2008, Austenasia has three privately owned properties and a constitutional monarchy. They declared themselves independent in South London, under the leadership of Johathan Austen.

Later elected to the Tasmanian state parliament, John Charlton Rudge, an eccentric self-proclaimed duke, founded Avram, in the 1980s. It claims it is non-territorial.

Intended to revive the British colony of the same name, British West Florida was formed in 2005.

Barony of Caux, an absolute feudal barony, was formed in 2001. It boasts around 80 subjects worldwide. The baron, John V Corbett, resides in Ontario, Canada.

The Conch Republic, was formed in1982, in the Florida Keys, claimed independence from the USA, under Dennis Wardlow’s leadership.

Run from a caravan park in Norfolk, England, by Nick Copeman, Copeman Empire was created in 2003. Copeman calls himself HM King Nicholas 1.

Established in 2004, the Gay and Lesbian Kingdom, of the Coral Sea Islands, is a political protest, run by Dale Anderson, in southeast Queensland, Australia.

Elleore was formed in 1944, by a group of school teachers as a summer camp on the island of Elleore, Denmark.

Claiming Wake Atoll in the Marshall Islands, EnenKio, was formed in1994. It has been declared a scam for selling passports and diplomatic papers.

Stuart Hill declared Forvik, an islet in the Shetland and independent from Scotland in 2008.

Frestonia was created through a legal dispute in 1977, over the unauthorized performance by Heathcote Willims, of his play the Immortalist.

With its capital in Iowa, Global Country of World Peace was formed in 2000. It is a country without borders for peace loving people everywhere, says Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam.

Formed in 2002, Hajducka Repoblika Mijata Tomica is a protest project based in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was created when there were problems with the local electricity supply.

Richard Booth declared Hay-on-Wye in Wales independent in 1977, as a publicity stunt.

A large farm in Western Australia is known as the Hutt River Province. It was created in 1970.

A ball-shaped house built by artist Edwin Lipburger and located in Vienna Prater, Kugelmugel was formed in 1984. Lipburger was protesting against building permits.

Ladonia, was created by Swedish artist Lars Viks in 1980, as the home of sculpturers in north-west Skane.

Lagoan Isles, 2005, is run by self-proclaimed Grand Duke Louis Stephans. He states that the three tiny islands of Portsmouth pond are not owned by the local council.

L’Anse-Saint-Jean was formed by Denys Tremblay in 1997, to promote tourism in a tiny town of Quebec.

Kingdom of Lovely was created in 2004 by Danny Wallace, as part of the BBC TV series How to Start Your Own Country. This micronation is Internet-based.

Lundy, an island off the west coast of England, has had semi-independent status under various warlords. Established in 1925.

Melchizedek, established 1986, is well known for facilitating large scale banking fraud in many different locations of the globe. It is run by Richard James McDonald.

Formed by Kevin Baugh, in 1977, Molassia occupies a semi-rural residential acreage in Nevada. Baugh uses poker chips as money.

Northern Forest Archipelago, formed in1998, is environmentally focused and located in the northeastern United States. It has several privately-owned properties in the Northern Forest area of New York State.

Nova Roma is an organization of Roman revivalists, founded in1998.

Other World Kingdom, formed in1996, is an absolute monarchy/matriarchy where women rule over all men, located in the Czech Republic.

Pescenica, established in the 1990’s, is a satirical parodical project, ruled by dictator Zeljko Malnar, located in Croatia.

Rainbow Creek was formed 1979, when Tomas Barnes seceded from Victoria, Australia, over damage to farmlands created by flooding.

Established in 1947, Saugeais is an officially sanctioned micronation located in eastern France.

Paddy Roy Bates, also known as HRH Prince Roy, commandeered Sealand, in 1967. It sits up out of the ocean, as a manmade World War II base off the coast of England.

Serboga, formed in 954, claims it has never been part of the modern Italian state.

Robert Ben Madison created Talossa as a bedroom kingdom in 1979, in Wisconsin.

Created in 1997, Uzupis in Lithuania, flies its own flag, has its own currency, president and constitution.

Vikesland was founded in Canada in 2005, for the purposes of a television documentary.

Valtio was formed by Ari Peltonen in 2006, as a joke. It is located in Finland.

In 1994 Wanstonia was formulated by protestors against the M11 motorway link road, in north-east London.

Waveland was founded in 1997. It is located on a rocky islet in the North Atlantic, to protest oil drilling in the area.

Westarctica, established 1989, claims a large chunk of unclaimed land in Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica.

Wirtland is an experiment into legitimacy and self-sustainability of a country without its own soil. It transcends national borders and was formulated in 2008.


Source by Wendy Stenberg-Tendys

Depersonalization – The Symptoms and the Cure!


Depersonalization is an altered state of awareness where one loses the sense of reality. It is a symptom accompanying strong anxiety and panic attacks. Depersonalization can make you feel like turning crazy or even being crazy, it takes pleasure out of an ordinary life for sure. If you can get rid of your anxiety your depersonalization will fade away. The question is how to defeat anxiety?

It is not an easy task to get over anxiety on your own without medication, but its doable. Once you get your anxiety under control, life opens up many new doors as you will dare and enjoy to achieve much more. In order to reduce your anxiety you might want to try the following things, but remember to be patient and do not expect immediate results. Anxiety, especially in a strong state requires time and patience, but in the end its worth every minute spent on treating your symptoms.

First of all you need to control all of your negative thinking. This might sound hard and can't blame you, because it is. Anxiety has many faces, on of them is when you are depersonalized as your mind goes usually blank, which can be a quite terrifying experience since you feel like you are unable to think and everything feels "hollow." This is often accompanied by strong anxiety or very unpleasant panic attacks.

Each thought is a chemical process in the brain. Therefore if you learn to control your thoughts by enjoying the positive ones and ignoring the negative thinking you will soon find a great relief in anxiety.

It is vital to control and train your cognition in order to overcome anxiety along with depersonalization. There are several ways to train your mind. Meditation is one of the options as it allows your mind to rest and so regenerate. You don't necessarily need to turn into a Buddhist, just find 10-20 minutes a day when you will just sit in peace, close your eyes and try to relax.

Then there are many ways to control the way you think and to train your mind. Anxiety books and web-pages can be greatly useful. There is a great amount of information among books and sites concern anxiety, all of which are worth a try.

Secondly, your brain is chemically imbalanced. Anxiety is often an indicator that there is a deficiency of some chemical in your brain. In most cases its serotonin deficiency that causes anxiety, however dopamine could also be the cause. Therefore you might find useful introducing vitamins and supplements into your life. Supplements such as 5-HTP, GABA, Valerian help to increase serotonin (5-HTP in specific) and promote relaxation by increasing gaba levels. If you don't like popping pills, then you can acquire these substances via food, but in much lower amounts.

There are many great ways to treat anxiety, you just need to find what works best for you. You might want to look at my sources, they should serve you as a good starting point by giving a great amount of suggestions in treating anxiety using various methods.


Source by Patrick Andersen

The Cialdini Effect – Influence, NLP & Persuasion


For those who don't know Robert Cialdini Ph.D., he is the Regents professor at Arizona State University.

His books, Influence: the Psychology of Persuasion and Influence: Science and Practice, are the results of years of study into the reasons that people comply with requests in business settings. Together they have sold almost one half million copies in nine languages ​​and consistently rank within the top one percent of books sold on In the field of Influence and persuasion, Dr. Cialdini is the most cited social psychologist in the world today.

One of Cialdini's principles is the Law of Reciprocation

When a person receives a gift they generally feel obligated to reciprocate.

The law says that we should try to repay in kind, what another person has provided us.

In this article I'll show you had to utilize the Law of Reciprocation.

I was talking to a waitress in one of my favorite restaurants recently, and we got on to discussing tips.

Obviously tips are very important a waitress, and it was quite apparent that some of the waitresses in this restaurant where receiving better tips than others. It reminded me of the study I read about a few years ago so I suggested this strategy, which utilizes the law reciprocation …

Sweeten the bill!

When a person receives a gift they generally feel obligated to reciprocate.

David Strohmetz and his colleagues from Monmouth University tested this expectation in two studies.

The first study conducted in Ithaca, New York, found that giving customers fancy chocolates increased tips from 15 percent of the bill to 18 percent of the bill.

The second study conducted in New Jersey found that gifts of Hershey assorted miniature chocolates also increased tips.

When no chocolate was given the average tip is 19% of the bill

However the highest tips were received when the server gave diners one piece of chocolate for person then spontaneously offered them a second piece per person the average tip was then 23% of the bill

I'm going out for dinner there next week, I'll let you know how her tips are going!

The Persuasion Skills Power Tip

Obviously are not all going to go round and give everyone you meet a chocolate, however you can nonetheless utilize the law reciprocation.

Gifts do not need to be physical objects that are exchanged between people. Some of the most valuable gifts a person can give are intangible:






Cheerfulness and attention

These are all valuable gifts …

Being the first the give and allows you to start to maintain relationships.

According to the work of Cialdini the reciprocity rule applies, even if the recipient does not like the person who gave the gift.

Most of us find it highly disagreeable to be in a state of obligation. No one likes to feel indebted and we'll gladly return the favor.

According to sociologists and anthropologists the Law of Reciprocation is one of the most widespread and basic norms of human culture.

Reciprocal arrangements are vital in human social systems, over thousands of years we have been conditioned to feel uncomfortable when beholden.

This sense of future obligation makes possible the development of various kinds of pursuing relationships, transactions and exchanges that are beneficial to society.

Reciprocity applies to concessions too.

One of the most effective ways to use the reciprocity rule is to start with an extreme request that is sure to be rejected, you can then profitably retrieved too small request [the one that was desired all along] which is likely to be excepted because it appears to be a concession.

How to amplify the Law of reciprocation

If your initiating favor is significant, personal and unexpected the recipient is much more likely to respond in kind / provide an even bigger favor.

Time one of the biggest gifts of all

I always ensure that with everyone I meet I let them know that my time is precious …

I will fit someone in as a favor … This also initiates the law of scarcity, but you'll have to wait until next time for more information on how to utilize that powerful law …

For more information about Cialdini's work I suggest you check out

Influence: Science and Practice by Robert B. Cialdini

That's all for now


Source by Marc Hogan

Mononucleosis Treatment – Herbs


It's a fact that prescription drugs can cause more harm than good during mononucleosis treatment. Fortunately there are some fantastic herbs which you can take to boost your immune system and alleviate your symptoms naturally.

Let's have a look at the most popular:


Echinacea stimulates the immune system by increasing white blood cell activity. It has been shown to help the lymphatic system and relieve glandular swelling.

Echinacea is usually taken as a tincture (in a alcohol base). It is also available in capsule or tablet form for those who don't like liquids. During mononucleosis treatment you can take echinacea every 2 hours and gradually decrease the frequency to three times a day as symptoms improve.

When buying echinacea try and get a blend of the root of Echinacea purpurea with Echinacea augustifolia. This seems to be the most effective combination for mono treatment.

Olive leaf extract

One of the most effective herbs for mononucleosis treatment is olive leaf extract. This wonderful herb stimulates phagocytosis, the process by which white blood cells ingest harmful microorganisms and foreign matter.

Olive leaf extract can be taken as a capsule or liquid three times daily.


Astragalus is particularly useful for chronic mononucleosis treatment as it fortifies the immune system and rebuilds strength and stamina. It is the herb of choice for persistent or relapsing infections.

Astragalus should not be used in children with fevers because according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, it may make the fever last longer or grow stronger. The immune system effects of astragalus make it inappropriate while taking corticosteroids, antivirals or immunosuppressive drugs.

Herbs to reduce mucous

If you have a lot of mucous in your respiratory tract then garlic, horseradish, fenugreek, golden seal and licorice are particularly good. Sage or thyme are also excellent when made up into a tea and drunk three times a day.

Herbs to lower a fever

For high fevers, coriander tea or cleavers can reduce the temperature and make you feel a little more comfortable. You can make a tea of ​​2 teaspoons crushed coriander seed seeped in 1 cup of boiling water for 20 minutes. For cleavers tea, use 2 to 3 teaspoons of the dried herb (stems and small leaves) per cup of water. Drink 1 cup three times daily.

Herbs for anxiety, insomnia and depression

Certain herbs called "nervines" can help to reduce the anxiety, tension and stress associated with mononucleosis treatment. Valerian is the best known nerve calmer and mild non-addictive sedative. Skullcap, hops and passionflower are also helpful. St. Johns Wort (Hypericum) is particularly good for mild depression. Ginseng is a herb famous for protecting the body against stress and fatigue. It is particularly useful for mononucleosis treatment as it works on strengthening the adrenals which are often run down or exhausted in this illness.

Buying your herbs

You can buy your herbs alone or combined in a commercial preparation from your health food shop. They can also be made up specifically for you by a herbalist. Most herbs are available as teas, liquids, tablets or capsules.


Source by Elizabeth Noble

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