Are Corporations Trying To Kill Us All?


Seventy percent of the food you buy in the grocery store is processed. Processed food has been linked to cancer in various studies. Of course, correlation does not mean causation. Meaning that eating processed food may be because people are too lazy to cook, and they are getting cancer from something else.

How about this. In insurance, there is something called “Moral Hazard.” This means when we think we are going to be protected from some bad outcome, we actually behave in ways that will increase the likelihood of that outcome.

In cities where they have changed the laws to force people to wear seat belts, for example, people actually drive a little bit more dangerously. There are more accidents. Scientists believe that since people are buckled up, they feel safer, and they don’t feel they need to be more careful.

How about this. They’ve shown studies that indicate in cities where access to doctors is increased, people live less healthy. Meaning they subconsciously know that since they have access to a doctor, they don’t need to be as careful with how they live their lives.

What about this. We’ve got politicians on TV all the time convincing us we have a “right” to health care. That may be true, but if we believe that health care is our right, we will be less likely to take care of ourselves.

Wait, it gets worse. Every night we watch TV. Lulled into an open state of hypnosis. And guess what we see? Lots of advertisements, you guessed it. And guess who pays for seventy percent of advertising on TV? Drug companies. Big billion dollar pharmaceutical companies that convince us that every problem we have can be solved by taking some kind of pill.

Let’s put it all together. We eat mostly processed food that has been linked to cancer. We are being hypnotized by our TV’s and our politicians that it’s not our job to keep ourselves healthy. Which means we are being brainwashed by big corporations into being as unhealthy as possible. Why is this? Are they trying to kill us, or just squeeze every single dollar they can out of us before we die an early death?

Either way, things aren’t good if you are expecting other people, like the government to take care of you.

Nobody really cares about you like you do, so start taking better care of yourself!


Source by George Hutton