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Tell Zfaaf About Yourself

To find your best match, first you get the opportunity to privately tell members about yourself, upload photos, select an avatar to match your personality, and share your dreams for a lasting marriage. Create unique questions to ask your potential spouse!

Find Your Ideal Partner

Privately view your Pure Matches, the member profiles most compatible with you, or bookmark member profiles with our search feature! Learn what is important to them from their custom questions, and read about their ideal spouse.

Learn About Each Other

Now that you are ready to communicate, contact the person you find the most appealing. Answer their important custom questions; invite them to review your profile. Our secure messaging allows sisters to include their Wali on all messages!


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Learn About Zfaaf 

Zfaaf is the world’s largest Muslim matrimonial website – exclusively catering to practicing single Muslims! Zfaaf is approved by several world renowned Islamic Scholars, and the world’s largest Dawah organizations in the west. Not many Muslim marriage websites can claim these benefits!

Are you disappointed when searching regular Muslim matrimonial websites? Are the profiles wildly different than what you are looking for in a spouse? Are you looking for a professional and practicing Muslim marriage partner who shares your active passion for Islam? Does the level of religious awareness in your partner have a significant importance when seeking an ideal marriage partner? Do you need to find a partner in a manner which is endorsed as Shariah compliant by the largest Dawah organizations in the West?

If you answered yes to these questions – please continue reading! If not, Zfaaf isn’t for you. We are proudly dedicated to finding practicing single Muslims their ideal spouse!

Zfaaf has the highest concentration of practicing single Muslims in one place! We are inspired and guided by the Quranic verse “women of purity are for men of purity and men of purity are for women of purity” (Qur’an 24:26). Our purpose on Zfaaf is to create a respectable environment only accepting those single Muslims who take their Deen seriously, increasing opportunity for compatibility. Our dedicated team ensures only members who have good Islamic etiquette can join and participate. We are unique because searching for a practicing single Muslim is all that we do at Zfaaf.

Profits Help the Community

Our commitment to support fellow Muslims is first to find practicing Muslims a spouse. Our profits from this and our affiliate sites also help good causes. We invest some of our membership revenue into many community and charitable causes.

Endorsements and Support

Zfaaf is the only Muslim marriage website to receive exclusive endorsements and support from well renowned scholars, and international Islamic personalities and institutes. If you have more questions about us, visit Contact Us. We proudly provide marriage related education to millions of practicing single Muslims in the worldwide seeking a Muslim marriage partner.



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